Jerry McLane, CCHT
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Behavioral change happens mostly by engaging our emotions.  As the subconcious mind is programed with positive feelings so follows the concious mind and we muster the ability to change.

We already have within us all we need to reach our desired outcomes.  Effective "trance-formations" allow change to happen almost effortlessly. 

Scientific and creatively powerful tools of neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy bring about productive "trance-formations".

I work with clients who are ready to move from recurring discomfort to a more productive, abundant and effective mindset.

Clients range from persons limited by auto-immune diseases, students improving learning skills, athletes wishing more time in the "zone", to corporate executives desiring high level comunication, motivation and advancement, and stress management.


               DEALING   WITH   MS
                   You are bigger than any problem you have
                               You have hidden strengths 
                                        waiting for you !